Terms And Conditions

1. ACCEPTANCE: use of K.D.O GLOBAL CARD MEMBERSHIP(hereinafter referred to as CARD) constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions listed therein.
• Personal information of the member as updated in K.D.O VASTI PATRAK and verified/updated in K.D.O GLOBAL CARD APP by the member. And further procedure might take place after approval of the same with subject to payment for the membership.
• Any changes in information provided must be updated by the member on K.D.O GLOBAL CARD APP and same shall be intimated to K.D.O VASTI PATRAK SAMITI
• Member is solely responsible for the updation of true and fair information from time-to-time.
• Member of the card is in agreement with and liable to SAMAST MAHAJAN and no other institutions.

2. ELIGIBILITY : Any K.D.O by birth, and/or married to any K.D.O

3. MEMBERSHIP CARD : The Membership card is the property of issuing committee i.e samast mahajan and must be returned upon request. Membership card will be valid upto the term embossed or mentioned in your membership card

3. MEMBERSHIP BENEFIT : All Membership Benefits are valid only during the membership term and shall automatically be expired thereafter. All benefits are subject to availability and offers can vary periodically.

4. NON-TRANSFERABLE: Benefits may be used only by the Member and upon presentation of their valid membership card. Proof of identification must be required at all times.

6. MODIFICATIONS: Benefits of the membership card may be subject to certain modifications periodically as new policies or facilities might be added to the membership and the members must be updated about the same.Members can verify the modifications made or know more about the new added service by calling the helpline desk(K.D.O call centre) for the same. K.D.O SAMAST MAHAJAN is not responsible for Incompetency in acquiring the benefits or delay in availing the services offered.

7. LOST/STOLEN CARD : All lost or stolen cards will not be replaced . lost or stolen membership cards must be reported to the k.do global committee and the committee will further intimate you about the procedure………………………………………………..?

8. CANCELLATIONS : cancellation of membership will be honoured upto………. from the purchase date,but no refund will be issued until the members INITIMATES the same in writing/e-mail to K.D.O GLOBAL CARD COMMITTEE. And thereafter the membership benefits will be ceased by the committee and the same shall not be available for the member to avail.

9. RENEWAL: renewal of the (bronze/blue) card is on annual basis and the member hereby agrees/confirms to renew the same on the expiration alongwith the payment of membership from time-to-time.